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Off The Hook und Ghostwriter live in Hamburg!

Ghostwriter Summer Tour 2012

This is our schedule for our upcoming tour in August:

12.08. – Leipzig @ Lolabar w/ The Words I Never Said, Striking Justice, Hawser

13.08. – Torgau @ Brückenkopf w/ Robert Paulson

14.08. – Mainz @ Haus Manusch w/ I.M.O.D.I.U.M.

15.08. – Aachen @ AZ w/ In Circles, Hieroglyphs

16.08. – tba

17.08. – Neumünster @ AJZ w/ The Words I Never Said, Hawser

18.08. – Greifswald @ Baltic Sea w/ All For Nothing, Death By Stereo, Accept The Change and many more

19.08. – Dresden @ Chemiefabrik w/ The Mongoloids, Take Offense

PROJECT PRINT proudly presents: WITH OPEN ARMS Farewell Tour

13.4. GER Passau @ ZAKK
14.4. GER Magdeburg @ Jc Knast
16.4. GER Berlin @ Koma F
17.4. POL Warsaw @ Indecks (tbc)
20.4. HUN Eger @ Egrix club & skatepark
21.4. HUN Budapest @ Trafik klub
22.4. ITA Treviso @ Punky Reggae Club
23.4. AUT Graz @ Explosiv
25.4. GER Essen @ Emokeller
26.4. GER Aurich @ Rock‘n'Roll Pub Sixties
27.4. GER Gotha @ Juwel
28.4. GER Fürth @ Ottogrund
29.4. CZ Prag @ Café Na Půl Cesty (matinee show)

WITH OPEN ARMS, formed in 2002, is a positive, „new york-style“ – hardcore band from Munich with raw, emotional, pissed off and sometimes desperate hardcore in the veins. A band that wants to give a home to every dedicated mind out there that cares, never questioning whether it is a metal head, a straight edge kid, an oldschooler or a punkrocker.
While spreading this open minded, but still critical and rebellious attitude, the band doesn‘t preach to you how to live yopur life, whom to hate for any reason or what to rage against. Moreover it tries to prevent you from hiding behind walls, thinking that there isn‘t a place for you in this ever more false, fashion-orientated and ignorant society.

After almost 10 years of putting a lot of love, heart and thought in our music and lyrics, we sadly decided to break up.
It was not a choice we easily have made, but a choice which makes sense to all five of us.

Yet, there is a little more to come; Right now we still have a couple of shows that are confirmed and will be played.
Furthermore we are planning a Farewell Tour in April 2012.
So if you would like to book a final show for us, get in contact ether with us directly or our Buddy Chris at Horrorbiz Booking.


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210 + RISK IT! + LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR am 02.02.2012 im Hafenklang in Hamburg

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PROJECT PRINT proudly presents: OFF THE HOOK Sommer Tour

Zieht euch die Jungs auf einer der Shows rein:

28.07. GER Berlin @ Jägerklause
29.07. GER Naumburg @ Tank
30.07. GER Saalfeld @ Klubhaus
31.07. GER Zittau @ Emil
01.08. GER Jena @ Inselplatz
02.08. GER Schweinfurt @ Proberaum
03.08. GER / AUT – NEED HELP!
04.08. AUT Graz @ Explosiv
05.08. CZ Brandys nad Labem @ tba
06.08. CZ Stavenice @ Street Fest
07.08. SK Kosice @ Colloseum
08.08. POL – NEED HELP!
09.08. LAT Riga @ Dirty Deal Cafe
11.08. POL Węgorzyno @ U Brody
12.08. GER Beeskow @ Kombinat
13.08. GER Potsdam @ Festival
13.08. GER Rosswein @ Juha
14.08. GER Leipzig @ Proberaum